What is the most important aspect a mini-storage professional should look for when choosing a self-storage software package?
by Gordon Quayle

Obviously, in my opinion, the most important thing to look for when choosing a software package is the Quayle Computer Concepts logo. But seriously, you buy software to help you. To make it worth your investment of both time and money, it had better increase profits, improve productivity and/or provide special services. So the most import aspect is to get your moneys worth. But there are lots of ways to look at value. Are you paying for features that you don’t use? Are you wasting time because the program is tedious or hard to use? Are paying for recurring costs of ownership such as for support or updates. Are you bearing the burden of the overhead of a large software company? Are they responsive to your needs and suggestions? Are they interested in your business and success?

So with all these factors in mind when you look for a self-storage software package, you need to determine where you are going to get the best value. Get to know the company and people that you are dealing with. At Quayle Computer Concepts. our motto is "making computers work for you". We are a father and son outfit, one has managed storage units for over twenty years and the other has been programming for nearly as long. So we know your business and we know how to write software that works for you. We keep our overhead low and we listen to our customers. We will continue to add the features that our customers want. We are committed to making software products that provide you with the best value in the industry.

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