What do you think is the next logical step for self-storage management software?
by Gordon Quayle

One of the most exciting things about working in the computer industry is riding the wave of emerging technology; from PCs to LANs to the Internet; from hard offices to telecommuting to virtual offices, from paper tape to magnetic media to optical disks. Technology will keep marching forward and so will the software that uses it. However, programmers often fall in love with the next new thing and spend time and money putting it in their software without giving thought to whether their customers really need it; and then software companies spend time and money convincing their customers that they do need it. When in fact what they are really looking for is another hook to try to separate you from your money and feed their appetite for over development and to maintain or grow their development overhead.

When I look at the next logical step for self-storage management software, I see the same thing I saw when I started programming twenty years ago: software that fulfills its promise of making your life easier; software that helps you manage your business; software that adapts to your way of doing things and doesn’t force you to adapt to it; software that is affordable; software that saves you money and time; software that justifies your investment in your office equipment. Our motto at Quayle Computer Concepts is "making computers work for you". We are a father and son outfit, one has managed storage units for over twenty years and the other has been programming for nearly as long. It was a natural merger to combine this experience and create a software product specifically designed for the smaller operation at a reasonable price. We keep our overhead low and we listen to our customers. We will continue to add the features that our customers want. We are committed to making a software product that truly makes good on its promises. What more could you ask?

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