What's New

Date Version Build Headline Release Notes
8 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Occupancy Fix While generating the Area Unit Table, the Occupancy function did not alway correctly take into account the Out of Service dates and historical rates. This has been corrected.
8 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Use Alpha Unit Numbers with Sentinel Gates Previously, the Update Gate File function on the Additional Rental Information form did not allow unit numbers with alpha characters if the selected gate system is Sentinel. This restriction has been removed.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Charge It from First Rents Form A Charge It button has been added to the First Rents form. This simplifies the process of using a credit card while moving a tenant into a new unit. This function is similar to the Charge It button on the Payments form. By default, all items listed on the First Rents form will be included in the amount charged.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Don't Generate Tax if Tax Exempt On the various payment ledgers (First Rents, Payments, and Select Billings), when entering taxable items, SWAMP will now check to see if the corresponding rental is tax exempt. If it is, the tax will not be generated.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Unit Transfer Enhancements The unit transfer feature has been enhanced so that excess payments to the old unit will be applied to the new unit (this includes both rental and tax). Unless the excess amount is exactly equal to a full month's rent of the new unit, this will result in a split payment being generated. There will be one item for the excess payment and another for the balance due to make up a whole month. Also, all items that are generated will have the Receipt box checked so that the whole transaction can be viewed on the receipt.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Set/Reset Receipt Check Boxes On the tenant Payments form, the receipt check boxes can all be set or reset by double-clicking on the 'R' label above the check boxes.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Totals on Current Rentals and Tenants Totals have been added to the Current Rentals and Current Tenants reports.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Paid To Dates for Tax The program was inconsistent on generating a Paid To date for tax items. Now, a Paid To date will be included for all generated Tax items that correspond to recurring charges such as Rentals, but not for non-recurring charges such as Boxes.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 New Validation A new validation has been added to the Validation report. The Payments w/ Mismatched Units validation shows tenants who have payments that are linked to a unit that has no assocated rental. This can occur if the user changes the unit number on an existing rental. This would leave the previous payments pointing to a unit that is no longer associated with this tenant. On the payments form, this is distinguished by the Unit Number being blank. On the Payment Validation form, clicking on the Move from Old to New button, will change the unit number on all these payments from the old unit to the new unit. Perhaps the more correct action would be to add back the rental for the previous unit and then individually update these payments so that they point to the correct rental.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Archive Enhancements The Archive feature has been enhanced to check if all payments have been deleted from from a rental, then the rental is also deleted, even if the end date is beyond the archive date.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Summary on Unit Status Report A summary has been added to the end of the Unit Status Report.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 All Units vs. Active Units The Unit Status report shows all units, even inactive units. However, other reports and forms limit the units shown and the statistic related to them to just active units.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Out of Service History Fix Under some circumstances the Out of Service History data was not updated correctly when changing the status on a unit. This has been corrected.
7 Nov 2005 3.00 35 Tax Exempt Reports A new set of tax reports have been provided which include a breakdown of taxable items as well as tax exempt payments. These tax exempt payments are further broken down by normal tax exempt and senior citizen (senior citizen is determined by being tax exempt and having a date of birth making the tenant 65 or older). These reports also caculate the incurred tax based on the amount of taxable payments and compares it to the actual tax collected. To use these reports, simply check the Include Tax Exempt box on the Tax and Rent Reports form.
6 Nov 2005 3.00 34 Missing Custom Information Fields In rare cases, the updating of the Custom fields did not complete successfully. To check for this condition, go to the Custom Information form and note whether you can check or uncheck the ""Use Date for Backup File Title"" in the Options section. If not, then the new fields have not been created properly.

To correct this problem, click the Latest Updates button on the Administration form. Double click the Data Version field and a pop-up menu will appear. Enter 12 for the update level and click OK."

24 Sep 2005 3.00 34 Sort Type on Select Billings The Type selection on the Select Billings form has been sorted first by Balance Type (Income then Expense) and then alphabetically by Category name.
24 Sep 2005 3.00 34 Add TotalBilled and TotalPaid to Lease Two additional fields, TotalBilled and TotalPaid, have been added to the Internal Lease, External Lease and Compose Letter features.
16 Sep 2005 3.00 34 Reminders Hang When No Bills To Print When running Print Bills as a reminder, if there are no bills to print, the reminders will hang. This has been fixed.
15 Sep 2005 3.00 34 Global Electronics Gates Updated the methodologies used with Global Electronics gate systems.
10 Aug 2005 3.00 33 Select Billings Enhancements The Select Billings form has been enhanced to change the Unit pull down lists and Tenant pull down lists to match the values selected. For example, if unit 100 is selected, the the Tenant list would only show those tenants that are associated with unit 100. Or if Tenant John Smith is selected, then only the units that are associated with John Smith will be displayed.
10 Aug 2005 3.00 33 Default Amounts Now categories can be defined with default amount values. When entering these categories on the Tenant Payment form, the First Rents form, the Select Billings form, or the Expenses form, the default amount will be automatically entered. Also, if the category is taxable, the tax will be automatically generated and entered into the list.
30 Jul 2005 3.00 33 Archive Database SWAMP will make a copy of your current database. It will then delete all payments for all rentals prior to the specified archive date (provided that they balance), then it will delete all rentals that have a move out date prior to the archive date and that have no payments linked to them, then finally it will delete all tenants that have no rentals linked to them.
30 Jul 2005 3.00 33 Use Date for Backup File Title This new option on the Custom Information form, when checked, will use the current date as the file title of the backup file when backing up the SWAMP data. The file title will be in the form of yyyymmdd.mdb, for example 20061231.mdb. The directory will be determined by the name in the Backup File field. If this value is a complete file specification (directory and file title), then the directory portion will be used as the directory for the new backup file. If this value is a directory name with a '\' at the end, the full directory name will be used; if, however, it is not terminated with a '\', then the last node will be omitted from the directory used with the new backup file.

Backup File: Result:
a:\backup\data.mdb a:\backup\20061231.mdb
a:\backup\ a:\backup\20061231.mdb
a:\backup a:\20061231.mdb"

30 Jul 2005 3.00 33 Backup Enhancements Previously, when backing up the data file, a new database file was created and then each table was individually transferred to the new database. This process sometimes would give a false report of a successful backup when in fact part of the backup may have failed. There were also a couple of reports that seemed to indicate that SWAMP was still linked to the newly backed up database even after the backup was complete. A new method is now being used: the current database will be saved as a new database (via the backup data function) using the Microsoft Access compact database command. This seems to be a more direct method of backing up the data and has the added advantage of compacting the database, removing unused areas.

If, for some reason, this method does not work for the user, the old Backup and Restore function can be accessed by double clicking on the Administration title and clicking Yes to the question, ""Show Old Buttons?"""

29 Jul 2005 3.00 33 Reassign All Access Codes In the Access Code section on the Gate Access Setup, there is now a check box that, when checked, will cause ALL access codes to change -- those already assigned as well as blank ones. This function will not normally be used, but when needed, SWAMP will do it with the click of one button, whereas before the user would have to go to every rental and reassign each access code. A warning is displayed when this option is checked to make sure that the user doesn't do this by accident.
29 Jul 2005 3.00 33 DoorKing Gate Interface SWAMP will now interface with DoorKing (DKS) entry gates. This function does not support Telephone Entry Systems, which would not be practical for self storage facilities. The DoorKing system has a few limitations that the SWAMP user should note. Names in the DoorKing database will only store the first 15 characters of the Tenant name as listed in SWAMP (last name first). Therefore some thought should be given to trying to make the names unique within 15 characters. Duplicate names will produce a warning, not an error. On the other hand, duplicate access codes are not allowed and will result in an error. Therefore, every rental must have a unique code. SWAMP will do that for you, however, if you enter a duplicate code by hand, SWAMP will notify you that it is a duplicate and ask you to confirm that you want to use the duplicate. When using DoorKing, you should always decline to use a duplicate code. This means that a tenant who has multiple units will have multiple codes assigned; they need only use one of the codes, however. The first time you transmit data to the DoorKing system, you must use All Tenants, after that you can use Changes as well as All Tenants. There is a new field called DKS Account Name, this field must contain the Account name that you set up in the DoorKing database. Also, make sure that the directory names for the Gate Interface File and Gate Interface Program match the actual directory where you installed the DoorKing software. Finally, DoorKing will not process a data file that has the same Access code listed in it more than once. This can happen in SWAMP if multiple changes have occurred to the same unit between the times you run the gate interface. For example, a tenant may become delinquent and move out within this period. If this happens, you will need to generate All Tenants and run the gate interface.
8 Jul 2005 3.00 33 Activities Form Changes The Activities form has been rearranged by function and grouped so as to make it easier to find what you are looking for. In addition, the Lockout functions that used to be on the Gate Access Setup form have been moved to the Activities form (the Lockout Grace Days value has been moved to the Custom Information form). On the View Lockout Status form a new button called Changes has been added. This will display a report of lockout values that have changed since the last time the Update Lockout Values function was run.
7 Jul 2005 3.00 33 Optimize Occupancy When generating occupancy, SWAMP now uses the first payment date for any unit in a particular building as the starting point for the area table used in the occupancy reports. Previously, it used the opening day value as set by the user on the Buildings form as the starting point. This often resulted in a larger than necessary table including dates for which no data was available.
25 Jun 2005 3.00 33 Receipt Preview Changes Previously, when previewing a receipt, the preview window would open up underneath the Payments form which also held the focus so that no action could be taken on the preview window. Now, when the preview window opens, the Payments form is hidden and control goes to the preview window. When the preview window is closed, the Payments form is made visible again.
10 Jun 2005 3.00 33 Reminders SWAMP now has the ability to schedule reminders. These reminders can be a one-time occurrence or recurring on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. A reminder can be a simple message or it can have an action, such as backup data, generate rents, print late notices, etc., associated with it. A reminder can be triggered on either the start up of the program or upon exit. Optionally, before any reminders are processed, SWAMP will display the list of reminders and actions that it is about to process. This gives the user the chance to delete or reschedule individual items or cancel all of them.
2 Jun 2005 3.00 33 Occupancy Reports Aid 'Update Occupancy' and 'Regenerate Occupancy' buttons have been added to the Occupancy Reports menu for convenience.
2 Jun 2005 3.00 33 Payment Info Automation SWAMP maintains a table that keeps track of certain data for each rental. This information includes the last billing date, the last due date, the last paid to date, the last date paid, the balance due, etc. In the past this table c, this tabe could get out of date and the user would need to click the Regenerate Payment Info button to update it. Now, any time SWAMP needs to use the data in this table, such as in a report or while generating rents and fees, it will automatically regenerate the table. The user should not need to do this any more.
2 Jun 2005 3.00 33 Generate Rents Changes The Generate Rents function has been simplified. The button has been changed to read Generate Rents/Fees. The form allows the user to generate rents and late fees for one or all tenants.
2 Jun 2005 3.00 33 Customize Late Fees Previously, SWAMP had one method of generating late fees that was invoked by the Late Payments function and four other methods that were on the Custom Late Fees form. These have all been integrated into a single function called Customize Late Fees. The old Late Payments function is now Type 2 within this new integrated form. It has been enhanced in two ways. One, if you are calculating the fee as a percent, you now have the choice of using the current balance due or the monthly rate as the basis. Two, SWAMP will prevent a Late Fee from being generated if one has already been generated within a specified amount of time. The user can choose this amount of time to be within the last month or a specified number of days. Facilities that use anniversary billing that would be generating Late Fees on a frequent, say daily, basis, would probably choose the month option. Those that generate late fees infrequently, such as monthly or weekly, would probably choose the days option. The Customize Late Fees form is available from the Activities form, the Custom Information form and the Generate Rents/Fees form. There is a field on the Customize Late Fees form that indicates which of the 5 methods to use when generating late fees.
2 Jun 2005 3.00 33 Payment Validation Changes The Late Fee information has been removed from the form. A new validation, Payments Missing Dates, has been added. For the features of SWAMP to work correctly, it is very important that every payment have a Billing date and a Due date. In addition, every Rental payment must have a Paid To date. This validation shows all payments that do not meet those standards. When current users update to 3.0, SWAMP will attempt to fill in missing Billing and Due dates. Since payment validation is most closely related to generating rents, this form has been moved from the Reports menu to the Activities menu.
2 Jun 2005 3.00 33 Balance Due " Previously, the balance due for a rental was calculated by determining the difference between the amount paid and the amount billed on items that had been marked mailed. If an item was not marked mailed, it was not considered due and therefore was not included in the balance due. SWAMP now tracks three different balances: Balance Due, Current Balance Due and Mailed Balance Due. Balance Due accounts for everything that has been generated regardless of any other factors such as mailed or due (it sometimes has a heading of 'Billed' on reports). Current Balance Due excludes anything that has a due date in the future (it sometimes has a heading of ""Current"" on reports). Mailed Balance Due uses only those items that have been marked mailed (this is the same as the previous definition of Balance Due and is still used as the Past Balance on billing statements)."
25 May 2005 3.00 33 Compose Letters Using the same functionality as the Internal Lease, SWAMP now provides a general purpose letter composer. This allows the user to define any number of custom letters that have key values embedded in the text. These letters are defined using the using the Compose Letter button on the Letters form. Letters merged with specific rental information can be printed from the Compose Letter form or from the Additional Rental Information form accessed from the Tenant form.
19 May 2005 3.00 33 Paid To Date In First Rents Form Previously, all items entered in the First Rents form had a value in the Paid To field. Since only Rental and Tax should have Paid To date, this default has been removed.
14 May 2005 3.00 33 Move Out Wizard SWAMP now provides a wizard that will automatically handle the steps to correctly move a tenant out of a unit. This wizard can be used multiple times for a single rental. For example, when a tenant first moves out, there may still be a balance due; after some time, it may be determined that this balance will not be collected. The wizard can be used again to write off an amount as a bad debt. See the manual for further details on using this wizard.
14 May 2005 3.00 33 Increase Screen Size All forms have been expanded to 4 3/4" x 8". Users will need to have a minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600 to view the new forms."
14 May 2005 3.00 33 Internal Lease SWAMP now provides a means whereby the user can define a custom lease within SWAMP. The Internal Lease function provides rudimentary editing capabilities where in five fields (two headers, a body, and two footers) the user can enter text, use merge data fields and specify font attributes. This lease will act as a template for each tenant, whose specific data will be merged into the specified fields when the lease button is clicked on the tenant form.
14 May 2005 3.00 33 External Lease SWAMP can now use leases written by other applications, such as Microsoft Word or some other word processor. These leases can take advantage of the mail merge capabilities of these other applications. SWAMP, when the Lease button is clicked on the Tenant form, will export the tenant and rental data to a specified mail merge file and then open the specified lease document in the specified application. When designing the lease document, it is recommended that the user first exports the data file from SWAMP and uses that as the mail merge data source to ensure that the file name and merge field names are correct in the lease document. Also, when defining the file names in SWAMP, the 8.3 file name convention must be used. This means that to reference a file called c:\program files\microsoft office\msword.exe it would be specified as c:\progra~1\micros~1\msword.exe. This can sometimes be confusing when there are multiple folders under program files that begin with the word Microsoft, because then the node may be micros~2 or micros~3, etc.
14 May 2005 3.00 33 New Tenant Button " A New Tenant button has been added to the main menu of SWAMP to make moving a new tenant into the database easier and faster. Note that this opens the Tenant form in an ""Add New"" mode only. Commands that would normally take the user to another tenant record will not work. You will need to use the normal Tenant form for these actions."
14 May 2005 3.00 33 Restore Enhancements On some occasions the Restore Data function could corrupt the current data file. Previously, each table in the database was restored one by one. Now, the whole database is copied as a complete file. It is hoped that this will eliminate the corruption problem that has been reported by some users. Also, the previous data file is saved with an extension of '.mdn' where 'n' is a number (1 through 5). Previously, only the last three were saved, this has been expanded to be the last five data files.
14 May 2005 3.00 33 Transfer Unit Wizard SWAMP now provides a wizard for transferring a tenant out of one unit and into another. It basically does a move out of the first unit and then applies any credit or debit to the second unit. See the manual for a detailed description of this function.
14 May 2005 3.00 33 Latest Updates Simplified The Latest Updates function has been simplified. Previously, the user had to click on a button for each individual update to bring the data file up to the same level as the program file. Now, one button will make all the needed updates to bring the data file up to the same level as the program file.
14 May 2005 3.00 33 Tenant Form Changes View Late Notices has been moved from the payments form to the Tenants form. Unit selection pull down has been added to the payments form. The rental section has been expanded to show up to five rentals at a time (used to be only two at a time). These are sorted first by Move Out date (to force the inactive rentals to the bottom), then by the Move In date. The TMSA button has been changed to Lease to reflect the enhanced lease capabilities. The fields have been changed from sunken style to normal. A few fields have been rearranged. The Payments form has been widened and lengthened to display more data.
14 May 2005 3.00 33 Find Tables Enhancement The Find Tables function has automated all the actions usually associated with linking to a data file. Upon attaching to a data file, SWAMP will now compare the update version of the data file with itself and allow it to be updated to the current version, if older, or warns you, if newer. Next, SWAMP will automatically set the invoice type based on the value in the data file. Then it will regenerate categories and payment info and will ask if you want to regenerate occupancy.
4 Mar 2005 2.11 32 Deposit Summary Reports Two new Deposit Summary reports have been added to the Activities form, Deposit Summary - Category and Deposit Summary - Tenant. These reports provide summary reports that are subtotaled by Categories and Tenants respectively.
4 Mar 2005 2.11 32 Allow Cents in New Rates Previously, on the Update Unit Rates form, the New Rate value could only be in dollar increments. Now, it will accept cents as well.
4 Mar 2005 2.11 32 More Payment Validations A new validation, Payments Missing Units, has been added to the Payment Validation report. Also, buttons have been added to automatically perform the most like action for each validation. Most of these will delete the incomplete information. In the case of the new validation, Payments Missing Units, it will attempt to fix them by searching for another unit that may be assigned to this rental and update the incorrect payments accordingly.
14 Nov 2004 2.11 31 Check for Late Exempt in Custom Late Fee While generating custom late fees, the program will now check the Late Exempt setting on the rental. If it is true, the late fee will not be assessed. A summary message is displayed after generating custom late fees indicating how many late fees were generated as well as how many were skipped due to exemption.
14 Nov 2004 2.11 31 FIx Type 4 Custom Late Fee Previously, when generating Type 4 custom late fees, all items that had been marked mailed were counted in the balance due, even if the due date for the item was in the future. This has been corrected, now only past due items are counted.
19 May 2004 2.11 31 Past Tenants in Custom Mail Merge Previously, if a tenant had any current rentals, he was considered a current tenant and all rentals past and present would be included when outputting data to a file. Also, a tenant that had a current rental would not show up in the Past Tenant list even if he had past rentals.

Now, any tenant that has past rentals will show up in the Past Tenant list, regardless if he is also a current tenant. In addition, when outputting data to a file, the Current|Past|All setting will be checked and only the corresponding rentals will be outputted."

12 Sep 2003 2.11 30 Do Not Prorate First Payment For those users that have all payments due on the same day, comes an additional option of ""Do Not Prorate First Payment"". Normally, when the option ""Start all Rentals on the Same Day"" is selected, the first rent will be prorated from the move-in date to the selected day. Now, you may exempt the first payment from this prorating by selecting ""Do Not Prorate First Payment"". This option is located on the redesigned Custom Information form in the Option section under the ""Start all Rentals on the Same Day"" option. If ""Do Not Prorate First Payment"" is checked then the ""rents"" form opened by the ""1st"" button will generate a full billing when opened and if you click on ""Add Another Payment"", a prorated amount will be entered for the following month. If 'Start all Rentals on the Same Day' is selected and the first payment is not exempted, then it will prorate the first month as before. Whenever generating a prorated amount it will always be for a period of less than one month regardless of what is entered in the ""Period"" field."
12 Sep 2003 2.11 30 Prorate All Rents when 'Same Day' selected While generating rents and the ""Start all Rentals on the Same Day"" is set on the Custom Information form, SWAMP will now attempt to set any and all rentals to the date specified in the ""Which Day"" field. If ""Do Not Prorate First Payment"" is set, then rentals that have due dates that match the move-in date will not be prorated. Other than that exception, if, for whatever reason (over payment, split transaction, manual change, etc.) the last ""Paid To"" date is any thing other than the ""Same Day"" date, the next time rents are generated, a prorated rental will be generated. If the period is greater than 1, then the prorated period will also be greater than 1. The algorithm works like this: it generates the standard amount for the standard period. If the day of the ""Paid To"" date doesn't match the ""Which Day"" value, then the day portion of the ""Paid To"" date is changed to the ""Which Day"" value. For example, if the ""Which Day"" is ""15"" and the ""Paid To"" date is 3 Nov 2003, it will be changed to 15 Nov 2003. The standard amount is then multiplied by the proration factor. The proration factor is calculated by dividing the number of days in the new period by the number of days in the standard period. Even when 'Same Day' is selected, some users may want to bill some tenants on an anniversary basis. This can be accomplished by clicking the box next to ""Don't prorate,"" which will exempt that specific unit from the proration feature. This option is found on the form opened by the ""More"" button on the rental subform of the tenant form."
12 Sep 2003 2.11 30 Dates When Adding Another Payment In the past, when using the ""Add Another Payment"" on the ""Rents"" form opened by the ""1st"" button on the Tenant form, the added payment always had a Billed date and a Paid date that matched the Due date. This does not make sense when the payment is for a period in the future. Now, when clicking on ""Add Another Payment"" if the Due Date is in the past, then the Billed date and Paid date will match the Due date, as before, but if it's in the future then the Billed Date and Paid Date will have today's date."
12 Sep 2003 2.11 30 1st Rents Form Enhanced The ""Rents"" form opened by the ""1st"" button on the Tenant form has been redesigned to be fully functional and more similar to the ""Rents"" form opened by clicking ""Payments"" on the Tenant form. The changes include: 1) the form has been expanded to add 'D' and 'M' boxes. 2) 'P' is now open for editing. Changing 'P' will affect $Paid and Paid fields. 3) Changing $Paid amount now allows for split transactions. 4) Preview and Print Receipt buttons are now available. (All payments entered on this form are automatically included in the Receipt.)"
11 Sep 2003 2.11 30 Automatically Set Receipt When Paid The rents form opened by clicking the ""Payments"" button on the Tenant form has been enhanced so that marking a payment 'P'aid will also now automatically set the 'R'eceipt check box."
10 Sep 2003 2.11 30 Multiple Billings for future End Date Fixed problem in Generating Rents from the Activities window where, if an End Date had been entered with some future date, all rents would be generated through that date regardless of the date specified on the Generate Rents form. Now, only those rentals that fall within the specified range will be generated.
1 Aug 2003 2.11 30 Select Notices A new function, ""Select Notices"", has been added to the Activities form. This function allows the user to select and sort late notices that have been created (using the ""Late Notices"" function) for tenants who are late in paying rents. The ""Select Notices"" form allows the user to select the notices based on the tenant's name, the unit number, the type of notice created, or by date. Leaving those selections blank, selects all tenant late notices - limited only by the selection under ""Mailed."" The list created may then be sorted by tenant name, by unit number, by date or by how many days late triggers the creation of the notice. A printer icon is provided to create a report, which may be printed. Late Notices may be deleted using this form by highlighting the record selector (the gray box on the far left of each line) of the target Late Notices and then pressing the delete button on the keyboard."
31 Jul 2003 2.11 30 Fix Airplane on Tenant Form The tenant form provides the ability to chose from Active, Inactive or All tenants. When selecting a tenant from the Airplane button, all tenants were always included in the select list. This allowed user to select a tenant that was not available to be displayed. The select list on the Airplane form now matches the available tenant list.
31 Jul 2003 2.11 30 Fix Type Three Custom Late Fees When using Type Three Custom Late Fees, the fourth item was being activated by the first Use check box. This has been corrected so the fourth item is now activated by the fourth Use check box.
31 Jul 2003 2.11 30 Use Unit Status in Available Unit Report The Available Unit report now only includes Active Units. Defunct, Facility Use and Out of Service Units are not included in the report.
31 Jul 2003 2.11 30 Save Custom Late Fees Previously, any settings defined on the Custom Late Fees form were lost when the SWAMP program was updated. Now, after this version, these settings will be retained.
31 Jul 2003 2.11 30 Last Paid To Date is Null (Blank) If a tenant has no recorded payments, then there is no Last Paid To Date. This causes problems with some actions such as generating occupancy and late notices. Now, if there is no Last Paid To Date, SWAMP will use the Move In date instead.
31 Jul 2003 2.11 30 Handle Forced Credit Card Transactions PC Charge has an option to require duplicate transactions to be forced. A forced transaction is one where the credit card number is preceded with the letter 'F'. When using the Charge It function on the Tenant Payments form, the user needs to enter the 'F' as part of the credit number. When using the Credit Card Charges form from the Activities form, the user only needs to click the Force check box to force the transaction. SWAMP will now consider a credit card number preceded with an 'F'' as a valid number and forward the transaction on to PC Charge.
31 Jul 2003 2.11 30 Swipe Credit Card Information for Rental When setting up a rental for automatic credit card billing, SWAMP users can now swipe the card and have the information read in directly from the credit card.
31 Jul 2003 2.11 30 Mark Credit Card Payments as Paid When using Charge It function on the Tenant Payments form, if the amount charged matches the total balance due for the tenant, then each unpaid entry will be marked Paid, Deposited and the Num field will have the value 'CC' followed by the PC Charge sequence number. If the amounts are different, then it is left to the user to mark the appropriate items paid and deposited and to enter a desired value in the Num field.
31 Jul 2003 2.11 30 Print Credit Card Receipts SWAMP now allows the user to define the number of credit card receipts to be printed from transactions passed to PC Charge. The number of receipts are defined on the Credit Card Setup form. When transactions are processed to PC Charge, PC Charge will print the receipts.
31 Jul 2003 2.11 30 Handle Embedded Blanks in Am Ex Cards When swiping American Express cards using a credit card reader, the credit card number contained two embedded blanks. This caused the program to reject the card with an invalid number. The user would need to manually delete these blanks on the form before processing the transaction. Now SWAMP will automatically delete the blanks.
17 Feb 2003 2.10 29 Split Payments Use $0.00 In Paid Field Previously, when splitting payments, the new payment item could have a blank in the $ Paid field instead of $0.00. This has been corrected.
16 Feb 2003 2.10 29 Require Tenant Before Entering Unit A new check has been added to ensure that a Tenant has been entered before allowing the user to assign a unit.
16 Feb 2003 2.10 29 Change Card Reports to Use 5x8 Cards The paper size has been changed to 5x8 Card for the Card reports, Card and Blank Card (on the Tenant form) and Blank Tenant Card (on the Reports form). Previously they were defined on 8.5 x 11 sheets but only used an area measuring 5x8. They have 1/4 inch margins and print landscape.
16 Feb 2003 2.10 29 Fix Improper Use of Categories The Receipt of Credit Card Charge report was linked to the wrong category information causing an empty report to be generated. This has been corrected. In addition, the Lease Payments section on the TMSA lease form and report were also linked to the wrong category information, causing this section not be displayed or printed. These have been corrected. Finally, one the Payments section of the Event Summary form and report, the category ID number rather than the category name was being displayed. This has also been fixed.
6 Feb 2003 2.10 29 Fix Tenant Update for Sentinel Gate Previously, when Sentinel was the selected gate interface, an error would occur on the Tenant form when updating the End date or on the Additional Rental Information form when clicking the Update Gate File button. This problem has been corrected.
23 Jan 2003 2.10 29 Fix Invoice Labels When the Skip Used Labels feature was introduced in build 27, the sorting of the labels was inadvertantly changed to be by first name rather than by last name. Also, the name printed last name first. Both of these problems have been corrected.
20 Jan 2003 2.10 29 Fix Regenerate Occupancy Previously, the Occupancy table would be incorrectly generated every other time the Regenerate Occupancy button was clicked. This usually resulted in an empty table. Clicking it again would give correct results. Now, clicking the button will give correct results every time.
14 Jan 2003 2.10 29 New Pictures More of the pictures on the forms have been changed to follow the frog motif of SWAMP.
14 Jan 2003 2.10 29 SWAMP YYYY Name The name on the main menu now says SWAMP followed by the year this version was released.
14 Jan 2003 2.10 29 Credit Card Company Pulldown List On the Credit Card Configuration form, the field for the Credit Card company has been changed to a pull-down list prefilled with the names of the supported credit card processing companies.
8 Jan 2003 2.10 29 Handle More Units on Postcard Previously, when using Postcard style invoices, up to 6 unit lines could be displayed. Any more than this would result in an error after clicking on the Print Bills button. Now, more units can be included on the postcard. No error will result, but more than 8 units will start to push data bellow the print area on the postcard.
7 Jan 2003 2.10 29 Make Units Active by Default Previously, when adding a new unit, the Status field was initially blank, which is not a valid status. Now, by default, new units will initially have a Satus of 'Active'.
7 Dec 2002 2.10 28 WinSen RSCM (Remote) Gate Interface SWAMP has been updated to interface with WinSen RSCM.
7 Dec 2002 2.10 28 Updated Reports The Available Units report has been updated to include a column showing what the prorated rental amount would be if the unit were rented today. Also the margins were adjusted on the Payment Receipt and the Proration Table report. The Late Tenants report is now sorted by days late to match the form.
29 Nov 2002 2.10 28 Income Statement A new report, Income Statement, is now available by selecting "Statement" on the Income Reports selection menu. This report provides an analysis of income categories for a specified date range. It groups the categories by items due in the period, items that were due prior to the period but paid in the period, items that are due after the period but paid in the period, items that are still unpaid, and items due in the period that were paid prior to the period. In addition, a Print button has been added to Income Reports selection form.
14 Nov 2002 2.10 28 Fix Billing Amount on Rents of Larger Periods Previously, when the rental period is greater than 1 and the program is generating multiple payments, each subsequent payment amount was the previous amount times the period. This problem has been corrected.
13 Nov 2002 2.10 28 Fix Selected Billings Report When the Select Billings form was enhanced to allow the user to specify which date to select, the corresponding Selected Billings Report was not similarly updated. It still unconditionally used the Billing date. The Selected Billings Report has been enhanced to now accurately reflect the date selected on the form. It was also enhanced to handle the Unmatched option under Paid. It has also been sorted by Tenant, then Unit, then Due Date and page numbers have been added.
24 Oct 2002 2.10 27 Unit Notes A note field has been added to the Units form.
24 Oct 2002 2.10 27 Unit Service History SWAMP now allows the user to track dates that a unit is out of service. Changiing the Unit's status between an activie and inactive state will automatically update the out of service table. Out of service time will not be counted when producing occupancy reports.
24 Oct 2002 2.10 27 Unit Rate History SWAMP now allow the user to track rate history for units. Changing the rate on the unit will automatically update the rate history table for the unit. Historical rates will be reflected in the Economic Occupancy reports.
24 Oct 2002 2.10 27 Duplicate Units To assist in setting up your unit definitions, SWAMP now has the ability to duplicate an existing unit definition. Simply click on the Duplicate Unit button at the bottom of the Units form and a new unit will be created using all the same information of the displayed unit. Change the unit number of the new unit from 'NEWUNIT' to your unit number.
22 Oct 2002 2.10 27 Blue Moon Enhancements SWAMP now takes advantage of the additional information that the Blue Moon Forms Software will accept for the TMSA lease. This additional information allows SWAMP to provide most of the information found on the 'Calculation of Initial Payment' tab in Blue Moon. These figures should be reviewed and corrected as needed before printing the lease. The 'Security Deposit' field on the Additional Rental Information has been deleted. This amount will now be calculated for you using the payments associated with categories of kind 'Refundable'.
19 Oct 2002 2.10 27 Credit Card Payments Quayle Computer Concepts has partnered with Payment Processing, Inc. and Go Software to provide you with a credit card capability with the value and service you have come to expect. With this solution, SWAMP has the capability of accepting credit card payments. These can be both non-recurring and recurring. Once a rental is set up with credit card information, monthly credit billing will be automatic. There is a report showing when credit cards are about to expire.
19 Oct 2002 2.10 27 View Rental Status Information A new button, "View Status", has been added to the Tenants form. When clicked, a popup form appears displaying unit and billing information about each rental associated with the tenant. Use the veritical scrollbar to view multiple rentals.
9 Oct 2002 2.10 27 Add Frog to Main Menu The main menu has been reformatted to accommodate the addition of the trademark frog.
9 Oct 2002 2.10 27 Set Popup Forms When one form is maximized, all forms are maximized, unless the form is set to be a popup form. The smaller popup type forms have been set to function as popup forms, allowing the user to run SWAMP with maximized forms but still have the popup forms remain small.
9 Oct 2002 2.10 27 View Late Notices for Tenant The Late Notices form is now available from the Tenant Payments form. If the tenant has more than one unit, late notices for all units will be displayed here.
17 Sep 2002 2.10 27 Unit Status Units now have a status associated with them. The status can have one of the following values: Active, Out of Service, Facility Use, and Defunct.
16 Sep 2002 2.10 27 Skip Used Labels The label functions on the Print Bills and Custom Mail Merge forms now ask for the number of labels to skip before printing the selected labels. This allows the user to make use of all labels on a sheet without having to waste any. In addition, on the Custom Mail Merge form, a selected tenant which occupies multiple units, would also generate multiple labels. Now, only one label will be printed for each selected tenant.
14 Sep 2002 2.10 27 Fix Mailing List Saving selected tenants as a Named List on the Custom Mail Merge form has been fixed.
6 Sep 2002   27 Sell Facility Fuction A new function, Sell Facility, has been added to the Activities form. This function is useful when selling your facility. It will determine, based on amounts collected and owed, how much is due the seller and how much is due the buyer as of the specified date of sell.
6 Sep 2002 2.10 27 Enhanced Categories Categories have been enhanced by adding two new attributes to describe special uses of specific categories. These attributes are Category Kind and Taxable. Taxable can be set to 'Yes' or 'No' and indicates that the category is subject to sales tax. Category Kind indicates that the category is one of the following kinds: Normal, Recurring, Refundable, or Fee. Recurring indicates that the category is associated with a recurring charge such as rent or insurance. Refundable indicates that category is associated with a charge that is subject to be refunded such a deposit. Fee indicates that the category is associated with a one-time only, non-refundable fee. All other categories are designated as Normal.
1 Jun 2002 2.9 26 Do Not Copy Invoice When Printing Bills This undoes the change made earlier (see "Copy Invoice When Printing Bills"). Instead, the invoice type is now checked anytime the user attaches tables or processes new updates. At that time, the appropriate invoice type will be copied. This ensures that changes made and saved by the user to the invoice will persist.
29 Mar 2002 2.9 25 Fix Illegal Function Call in Print Bills Previously, when the user clicked the Print Bills button on the Activity form and there were no bills to print, the normal message ("There are currently no bills to print or mail") would appear, but then that would be followed by an "Illegal Function Call" message. This message will continue until the user kills SWAMP by using the Windows End Task function. Now, SWAMP correctly handles the case of no bills to print and does not make the illegal function call.
13 Mar 2002 2.9 25 Payment Generation Setup Check Previously, while generating payments, if an error occurred before the progress meter was shown on the status bar, a subsequent error, invalid procedure call, would als occur. In this case, the program would end up in a loop of messages that the user could not get out of, except by using the Windows End Task function. Now, SWAMP detects whether the progress meter has been set up or not and handles the error messages appropriately. The messages have also been enhanced to better direct the user to the possible problem.
25 Feb 2002 2.9 24 Late Notices SWAMP now provides the ability to generate and track custom late notices. Any number of late notice types can be defined. The definition consists of four parts: 1) a Type name to identify the notice type, 2) Days indicating how many days late the rental must be to trigger the late notice, 3) a Headline which will appear at the top of the late notice, and 4) the Text of the body of the late notice. This feature allows the user to define custom late notices such as First Notice, Second Notice, Sale Notice, etc. The feature is accessed by clicking on the Late Notices on the Activities form. After defining the various late notice types, use the Generate Notices button to cause the program to evaluate all rentals and generate all appropriate late notices as the specified criteria is met. The number of days late is based on the last paid to date. All late notices for a rental can be viewed by going to the Tenant form and clicking on the '+' button on the rental line. On the subsequent form, click on the View Late Notices button. The user can manually edit, delete or add late notices. The 'Mailed' check box controls which notices will be printed. This allows the user to reprint a notice if necessary.
21 Feb 2002 2.9 24 Interface with Sentinel Gates SWAMP now interfaces with Sentinel gate systems. The user should have the WinSen Sentinel Interface program which reads and processes the file produced by SWAMP, which is in the format dictated by the Universal Interface Specification. Two new function were also added to the Gate Setup form, Clear Gate Table and Import Gate Table. These refer to an internal table maintained by SWAMP. This table tries to reflect what was last loaded into the gate system. If for some reason the gate system and SWAMP get out of synch, you can clear the gate system and then Clear Gate Table in SWAMP. The next time you generate the gate file, SWAMP will know that the gate system is empty and generate changes based on that. Also, in the case of Sentinel gate systems, it is also possible to inquire on the contents of the gate system and load that information back into SWAMP to get them back in synch. This is what the Import Gate Table button does.
21 Feb 2002 2.9 24 Add Phone Number to Late Tenants Report The tenant's phone number has been added to the Late Tenants form and report.
12 Feb 2002 2.9 24 Labels & Envelopes for Full Statements Previously, when Full Statement Invoices were selected, the Labels and Envelopes did not print correctly. This has been corrected. In addition, when the Print Bills button is pushed, a status bar is displayed to show the progress of the bill paying preparation. In the past, it only showed an hourglass, leaving the user to wonder how long it was going to take for the form to appear.
31 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Categories The Categories form is now available from the Adminitration form. Previously, this form was only available by double-clicking in the Categories field on the Lists form.
31 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Copy Invoice When Printing Bills To ensure that the proper invoice type is being used, SWAMP now checks the selected invoice type (on the Custom Information form) and copies that invoice to be used whenever the Print Bills button is pushed.
27 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Remember SWAMP Size SWAMP will now remember the size of it's outer form (window) when it closes. The next time SWAMP is run, it will open to the same size as the previous session. The size will not be updated if SWAMP is maximized when it is closed.
26 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Expand Tenant Payments and Ledger Forms Both the Payments and Ledger forms, accessed from the Tenant form, have been expanded to maximize the number of records they can display.
26 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Property Form The Building form, which comes up when you click the Property button on the main menu, has been renamed to Property. It has also been resized to match the rest of the forms in the program.
26 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Select Billings The Record Billings button on the Activities form has been renamed Select Payments to more accurately represent it's function and the name of the form it brings up. The Select Payments form has been modified to maximize the number of records displayed and to show all fields for those monitors that use a resolution greater than 640 x 480.
19 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Restore Data A new function, Restore Data, has been added to the Administration form. This function presents a file finder dialog for the user to locate the database to restore. Once selected, Swamp will change the last character in the name of the current database to 1. If that file already exists, it will be changed to 2; and if 2 exists it will be changed to 3. If 3 exists, it will be deleted. Then the selected database will be moved to the Swamp data directory and renamed to the current database name. For example, suppose the current database is C:\Swamp\Swampdat.mdb and there currently exists the following files: C:\Swamp\Swampdat.md1, C:\Swamp\Swampdat.md2, and C:\Swamp\Swampdat.md3. Then the user chooses to restore C:\Swamp\Backup.mdb. The following changes will take place: C:\Swamp\Swampdat.md3 is deleted. C:\Swamp\Swampdat.md2 is changed to C:\Swamp\Swampdat.md3; C:\Swamp\Swampdat.md1 is changed to C:\Swamp\Swampdat.md2; C:\Swamp\Swampdat.mdb is changed to C:\Swamp\Swampdat.md1. The file C:\Swamp\Backup.mdb is changed to C:\Swamp\Swampdat.mdb and the file C:\Swamp\Backup.mdb will no longer exist under that name.
19 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Status Bar When Generating Occupancy The program will now update the status bar with a progress meter showing the percentage complete while updating or regenerating occupancy.
19 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Custom Fee Generation A new form has been added to address some different methods of generating fees. This form is accessed by clicking on the Custom Fee Generation button on the Activities form. The are four custom fee generation types. The first allows you to generate a specific charge type based on lateness and the absence of another specific charge type. The second type is designed for those facilities that charge a late fee after a certain number of days and then assess a daily charge up to a certain monthly maximum. The third type allows the user to define a series of charges that are to be assessed after specific number of days late. The fourth type allows late fees to be assessed based on what range the rental rate falls in to. The buttons on the Activities form have been rearranged slightly to put similiar fuctions together.
12 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Tenant Ledger Form and Report Added A new Ledger view has been added to the Tenant form. When the user clicks on the Ledger button a form comes up allowing the user to view the tenants charges and payments in a ledger that is similar to a checkbook register. The items can also be restricted by unit and date. A corresponding report is also available. If the items are restricted by date, any previous balance amount not reflected in the selected items is shown in the Previous field.
7 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Paid To Date Must Be After Due Date A new validation check has been added to the program. When entering a Paid To date on the Tenants payments form or on the Activities Record Payments form, SWAMP checks to see if the date entered is before the Due date. If it is, an error message is produced and the user is instructed to change the date.
5 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Add Totals To Reports A total line has been added to several reports. These include Available Units, Active Tenants List, Current Rentals, Late Tenants, Locked Out, Special Rates, All Tenants Lists, and Unit Status. In the case of the Available Units report, subtotals grouped on size were also added.
5 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Additional Fields Added to Tenant Export Additional fields have been added to the Tenant Export file. These fields are Identification, Email, Employer, and Date of Birth.
3 Jan 2002 2.9 24 File Finder Dialogs Added A file finder dialog helper has been added to the file fields located on the Gate Access and TMSA forms. To access the dialog, double click on the field.
2 Jan 2002 2.9 24 Handle Blue Moon TMSA Lease TMSA members now have the ability to use the Blue Moon Forms Software to print tenant leases. SWAMP will now create the needed import file and launch the Blue Moon program when the TMSA button is pushed on the Tenant form. There is also a new TMSA button on the Administration form. Use this to setup the TMSA options.
1 Jan 2002 2.9 24 More Accurate Period on Invoices The billing period listed on invoices now more accurately depicts the date range of the billing items. The 'From' date is the date to which the rental has been paid (if there have been no payments made for this rental, then it is the move in date). The 'To' date is the date through which bills have been generated. This change will be most noticeable on Invoices having more than one months rent due and on those having past due balances and late fees.
31 Dec 2001 2.9 24 Invoices on Postcards A new postcard invoice type has been added to the program. This option, when chosen, will print four postcards per page in landscape mode. On the Print Bills form, the Preview Bills and Print Bills buttons will print the invoice side of the postcards; the Preview Envelopes and Print Envelopes buttons will print the address side of the postcards.
29 Dec 2001 2.9 24 Invoice Types Another Invoice type,Window Envelope from Post Office, has been added. This is similar to the Window Envelope invoice, except that the address is moved over to the left to match the window on the #9 postage-paid envelopes availabe from the post office. In addition, instead of a series of check boxes, a single select list has been added to the Custom Information form.
22 Dec 2001 2.9 24 Warn on Duplicate Accesscode When manually entering an Access Code for a tentant, SWAMP now warns the user if the specified Accesscode is already in use.
22 Dec 2001 2.9 24 Select Release Notes To Print Now when the Print button is clicked, the user will be asked to enter the build level at which to start printing. Entering '0' will cause all notes to be printed. Also, the report will now be brought up in preview mode instead of going directly to the printer. This allows the user to modify printer attributes prior to actually printing the report.
10 Dec 2001 2.9 23 Warn On Payments Past Move Out Date When marking payments Paid, the program now checks to see if the Rental has a move out date and the payment is past that date. If so, a warning message comes up indicating that there is a move out date. This check is to help catch the case where a tenant had indicated a projected move out date and it was entered in the program, but the date past and the tenant did not move out.
7 Dec 2001 2.9 23 Gate Interface Now Uses Lockout Status Previously, the gate interface locked out a rental as soon as a payment was past due. Now, the gate interface uses the Lockout status on the rental to determine whether to deny access or not, regardless of delinquency. This gives the user complete control over facility access. Several changes have been made to make this easier and more efficient. A new section called Lockout has been added to the Gate Access Setup form. This section contains a button called View Lockout Status, which brings up a form that shows all rentals that are currently locked out. This form allows the user to easily unlock a rental. The information can be sorted by Name, Days Late, Unit Number or Lockout Date. This information can also be printed as a report. This section also records the Lockout Grace Days. This number is used by the next button, Update Lockout Values, which will set the Lockout status and Lockout Date based on the whether the rental delinquency has exceeded the Lockout Grace Days or not. A new checkbox has been added to the Rental More form called No Lockout; when this option is checked, then the Update Lockout Values button will not lockout this rental regardless of it's delinquency status. The user can still set and reset the lockout status manually.
7 Dec 2001 2.9 23 Improve Use Org Handling Additional checks have been added when the Organization field is updated on the Tenant form. If Organization has text in it and First and Last names are blank, the program will automatically set the Use Org checkbox. If Organization is blank, then the Use Org checkbox will be reset.
7 Dec 2001 2.9 23 Backup File Location A new field, Backup File, has been added to the Custom Information form. This file name will be used as the default backup location when performing the Backup function on Administration form.
1 Oct 2001 2.8 22 Ensure Amount Paid is Not Blank When payment records are generated, it is important that the Amount Paid is not blank. If this field is blank, the record will not show up in the Unmatched payment selection. The program now generates a 0 value for the Amount Paid field.
27 Sep 2001 2.8 22 Fix Payments on Event Summary Report Previously, the Payments section of the Event Summary Report was also empty regardless of the selection criteria and available matching payments. This has been corrected.
20 Sep 2001 2.8 22 Add State and Zip Code to Invoice The state and zip code of the facility has been added to the footing of the printed invoice.
15 Sep 2001 2.8 22 Fix Bank Deposit List The amount shown as the total paid for a given tenant on a given day with a given check could be incorrect if multiple payments had been made by that tenant on that date. Specifically, the amount displayed was the running total for that tenant on that date and not the amount of that specific check. This problem has been fixed. The running total and the grand total for the report were still correct.
30 Aug 2001 2.8 21 Full Billing Statement A new billing statement is now available; it can be selected on the Custom Information form. Only one version of this billing statement is available, so all other billing options (half-page, windowed envelopes, and company letterhead) are disabled when this option is selected. Due to the increased processing required to prepare this report, a longer delay may occur between clicking the Print Bills button and the appearance of the billing form.
29 Aug 2001 2.8 21 Tax and Rents Reports A new set of reports have been added called Tax and Rents Reports. These reports show taxable rents and taxes collected during a specified date range and grouped by month, quarter, or year. It is also available ungrouped as a one line summary for the specified date range.
29 Aug 2001 2.8 21 Unit Status Report A new report has been added called Unit Status. This report show all units, sorted by unit number and includes the unit display info, the tenant name, the unit rate (including tax, if any), the paid to date, the amount due, and the locked out status.
29 Aug 2001 2.8 21 Split Partial Payments When posting a payment, if the paid amount does not equal the billed amount, the program will now ask if you want to split the partial payment. If you answer yes, the following will happen.

If the paid amount is less than the billed amount, then the amount billed will be adjusted to the amount paid and a new record will be created with the billed amount being equal to the unpaid balance. If there is a Paid To date, then the Paid To date on the first record will be adjusted based on the amount paid; and the Due date on the second record will be the same as the Paid To date on the first record and the Paid To date on the second record will be the same as the original Paid To date.

If the paid amount is greater than the billed amount, no changes will be made unless the payment type is Rental. In which case, the billed amount will be changed to match the paid amount and the Paid To date will be adjusted to reflect the extra amount paid. Note that this may affect future due dates.

You can disable this feature by checking the "Don't Prompt to Split Unmatched Payments" option on the Custom Information form.

29 Aug 2001 2.8 21 Fix Deposit Date When depositing payments, the deposit date was being ignored. This has been corrected. In addition, the program also now asks for a deposit date when printing either the Undeposited Payments report or the Bank Deposit report.
29 Aug 2001 2.8 21 Date Added To Late Tenants Report Today's date has been added to the Late Tenants report.
28 Aug 2001 2.8 21 No Late Fees A new check box, No Late Fees, has been added to the Additional Rental Information form. If No Late Fees is checked, then late fees not be generated for this rental.
28 Aug 2001 2.8 21 Balance Due Added to Tenant Card The current balance due has been added to the Tenant Card. Thie balance due amount will reflect the amount the tenant owed as of the last time that the Payment Info table was regenerated. To ensure an accurate value, you should click the Regenerate Payment Info button found on the Reports, Activities or Administration forms.
25 Aug 2001 2.8 21 Payment Checklist Report A new report has been added which shows all active tenants, their unit number and check for each month they have paid this year.
25 Aug 2001 2.8 21 Payments This Year Report A new report has been added which show every unit, it's size, it's tenant (if occupied), it's rate (including taxes, if applicable), the date paid up to, and a monthly table for the current year showing paid to dates.
23 Aug 2001 2.8 20 Return Address on Envelopes A check box has been added to the Custom Mail Merge and Print Bills forms which allows the user to indicate if a return address should be printed on an envelope.
23 Aug 2001 2.8 20 Expanded Receipt The tenant receipt report has been expanded to include the From and To dates, the date paid and the check number. Because of this expanded information, the Receipt report is no longer available in the half-sheet format; it will always print on a full sheet.
23 Aug 2001 2.8 20 Add Check Number to Tenant Report The payments section of the Tenants report has been expanded to include the check number field.
23 Aug 2001 2.8 20 Add Scroll Bar to Record Payments Form On computers with a video display setting of 640 x 480, the right vertical scroll bar on the Record Payments Form is inaccessible. A horizontal scroll bar has been added to the outer form which allows the user access to the entire form.
22 Aug 2001 2.8 20 Tax Exempt & Don't Mail Two new check boxes, Tax Exempt and Don't Mail, have been added to the Additional Rental Information form. If Tax Exempt is checked, taxes will not be generated for this rental. If Don't Mail is checked, then generated rents and taxes for this rental are marked mailed automatically. Late fees are not affected by this setting.
22 Aug 2001 2.8 20 Print Receipt Button On build 17, the function of the Receipt button changed from directly printing the receipt to previewing the receipt. Now there are two buttons on the tenants rents form, one to preview and one to print directly.
22 Aug 2001 2.8 20 Update One at a Time The latest update form has been modified so that only one update button is enabled at a time. One the enabled button is clicked, the update is performed and then the next update button, if there is one, is enabled. This ensures that the updates are done one at a time and in order.
26 Jul 2001 2.7 19 Display File Names A Display File Names button has been added to the Administration form. This button will display a message box showing the full file name and location of both the SWAMP program file and the SWAMP data file.
26 Jul 2001 2.7 19 Additional Checks on Backup When using the Backup function on the Administration form, two additional checks are made. First, the program detects if the user attempting to backup to the same file that is currently in use. It will prevent this action and ask again what file to backup to. Two, it checks to see if the backup file already exists, if it does it warns the user and gives an option to overwrite it or not. If not, it goes back to asking what file to backup to.
26 Jul 2001 2.7 19 Payment Validation Enhancements Another validation has been added to the Payment Validation form. The new validation checks for missing unit numbers on rentals. This made the form longer, and thus may not display completely on all monitors. To handle this possibility, a vertical scroll bar was added to the form. In addition, the various fields will now only display actual data; it will no longer display an empty record at the end of each list.
23 Jul 2001 2.7 19 Sort Expenses by Date and Check Number Previously, the Expense Form displayed expenses in the order in which they were input. Now, they are sorted first by date, then by check number.
14 Jul 2001 2.7 18 Event Summary A new report has been added to the Reports menu, directly as a suggestion from a user. This report will display events that have taken place between the dates you specify as the "Start Date" and the "End Date." The 'events' listed are Moved In, Moved Out, Locked Out, and Payments. Note that if there are more events than show in the available window, there is a scroll bar at the right of the window to provide access to the other records. You may also print the Event Summary report.
14 Jul 2001 2.7 18 Unmatched Payments When you show only "Unpaid" payments on the "Rents" or "Select Billings" forms, the "Balance" reflects only those billings that are in the window. This may or may not reflect the actual amount due from this tenant, depending on whether previous payments all match what was billed. Whenever a billed amount was either over-paid or under-paid the balance in the "Unpaid" is not accurate. An "Unmatched" category has been added to these forms so that all billed amounts not matched by the same amount in "$ Paid" will show in the window. That balance should then be the actual amount due. [The exception is if either the $Billed or the $Paid is blank, that payment will not be listed.]
14 Jul 2001 2.7 18 Occupied Unit Warning On the tenant form, a warning will appear if you try to move a tenant into a unit that is already occupied. The warning will let you cancel the move-in and tells you to press the Esc button to clear it. WARNING: This leaves a rental record with a blank unit. If you don't then enter a correct unit on this record, you will need to delete the tenant record with the blank unit on it.14 Jul 2001
14 Jul 2001 2.7 18 Add Another Payment Enhancements When using the First button, as you are moving a tenant into a unit, the "Add Another Payment" will also generate the applicable taxes.

Previously, when using the "Add Another Payment" function, each payment had as its due date [which is also used to indicate the beginning of the payment period] the move in date. Now each addition of another payment will use the last Paid To date as its starting date

4 Jul 2001 2.7 18 Remove Mail Merge Functions Direct Mail Merge within SWAMP has not been supported for some time. The Letter Maintenance function has been removed from the Letters form and the Word Processor field has been removed from the Custom Information form.
13 Jun 2001 2.7 17 Avoid Inadvertently Unchecking Paid Box If the user attempts to clear the check in the Paid box on either the Rents form (on the Tenant form) or the Select Billings form (on the Activities form), the program will issue a warnimg message. The user can proceed with the change or cancel it.
1 Jun 2001 2.7 17 Waiting List A new function has been added to the main menu that allows the user to keep track of people waiting for available units.
1 Jun 2001 2.7 17 Payment Generation Enhancements The Generate Rents function now correctly generates a prorated payment for tenants that move out before the normal end of their next rental period. Also, the program detects when more than 20 rents have been generated for a single rental at one time. This is indicative that there may be a problem with the data for that tenant. A warning message appears, showing the tenant name, the last due date and the period, and the user is given the option to continue, skip or cancel. In addition, a progress meter is now displayed on the status line while generating rents.
WARNING: This feature will generate rents for past tenants if their move out date is greater than their last paid to date. You will need to reconcile these two dates before generating rents for the first time after installing this update. Or, after generating rents, locate these partial payments, change the billed amount to $0.00 and then mark them Mailed, Paid and Deposited.
29 May 2001 2.7 17 Data Integrity Several protections have been incorporated into the program to prevent the user from deleting information and data that is being used by other parts of the program. These include prohibiting the deletion of units that are linked to rentals and rentals that are linked to payments. In addition, warnings are given when the user attempts to change the number of a unit or a unit on a rental or the name of an existing tenant.
29 May 2001 2.7 17 Specify Date Criteria on Record Payments A new option has been added to the selection criteria on the Record Payments form. This option is titled Date and allows the user to select either Billed, Due, Paid To or Paid. This selection determines which date field is evaluated when specifying After Date and Before Date values in the criteria.
29 May 2001 2.7 17 Bank Deposit List Report A new report has been created that groups the payments for deposit by Tenant, date and number. The result is a total that should match the actual payment made. This report is available on the Activities form. It is also the report that now comes out when depositing payments.
28 May 2001 2.7 17 Access Code Report A new report has been added that shows unit number, access code, tenant, and status. This is sorted by unit number.
28 May 2001 2.7 17 Proration Table Report A new report has been added that generates a table of prorated amounts based on unit prices, day of the month and number of days in the month.
28 May 2001 2.7 17 Lookup Tenant by Access Code On the tenant form, the user can use a new pull-down list to find a tenant by selecting an access code. This is similar to finding a tenant by unit number.
28 May 2001 2.7 17 Generate Rents for a Single Tenant On the Generate Rents and Late Payments forms, a tenant select list has been added that allows the user to generate rents and/or late fees for a single tenant instead of all tenants.
28 May 2001 2.7 17 Special Rates Report A new report has been added that displays information about tenants who are paying a rate that differs from the standard rate for the unit.
28 May 2001 2.7 17 Preview Receipt When the user clicks on the Receipt button on the Payments (Rents) form from the Tenants screen, the program will now show the report in print preview mode instead of sending it directly to the printer. This allows the user to change print attributes before printing it.
26 May 2001 2.7 17 Show Only Active Tenants The default list of tenants accessible on the Tenants form has been changed to show only active Tenants. There is an option box that allows the user to choose between Active, Inactive and All tenants in the database.
26 May 2001 2.7 17 Select Moved-in Tenants on Mail Merge The Moved-out selection on the Custom Mail Merge form has been enhanced to handle both move-ins and move-outs.
25 May 2001 2.7 17 Tab Order on Units Form The tab order on the Units form has been corrected.
25 May 2001 2.7 17 Income Report by Unit An additional report has been added to the Income Reports selection. The user may now select By Unit to get a break down (and running total) of income by unit for the specified date range.
25 May 2001 2.7 17 Record Payments Selection Updated When the Record Payments button was clicked on the Activities screen, the initial Select Billings form came up with the Mailed option set to Both and the Paid option set to Unpaid; however, the actual payments displayed reflected settings of Both for both options. The intial payment display now matches the default options and shows only unpaid items.
24 May 2001 2.7 17 Select Moved-out Tenants on Mail Merge The Custom Mail Merge form has been updated to allow the user to select tenants that have moved out since a specified date. A special save data button has also been added to ensure that only rentals that meet the criteria are included in the exported data. Specifically, it will not include other units that the tenant has, but that have not been vacated during the specified period. It also does not include units that are scheduled to be vacated in the future.
23 May 2001 2.7 17 Display Data File Name The full name of the file that contains the attached tables is now displayed on the About form (also known as the Introduction form).
23 May 2001 2.7 17 Ignore Future Rent In Assessing Late Fees Late fees are always based on the current balance due. However, when tenants are billed for more than the current month, it is not right that they should be assessed late fees based on the rent charged for future months. SWAMP now evaluates the last Billed To Date. For every whole month that is in the future, it deducts a month's rent from the amount used to calculate the late fee.
23 May 2001 2.7 17 Backup Any Database Name Previously, if the attached database was called something other than SWAMPDAT.MDB, the Backup function on the Administration form would fail with an error. This has been corrected and the Backup function will work regardless of the database name.
23 May 2001 2.7 17 Eliminate Extra Late Fees When a tenant had a period greater than 1 month and the program was set to generate late fees based on date while generating rents, SWAMP would create a late fee every time rents were generated regardless of the length of time since the last late fee was generated. Now SWAMP will look at the last date billed and if it has not been about month, it will not generate another late fee. (Specifically, until today + 5 days is greater than Last Date Billed + 1 month, no late fee will be generated)
21 May 2001 2.7 17 Additional Gate Interfaces Supported SWAMP now supports gate interfaces for PTI, Demco and Alltec gate security systems.
11 Apr 2001 2.6 16 Add Check Number to Deposit Report The check number field on the payment records has been added to the Payment for Deposit report.
11 Apr 2001 2.6 16 Regenerate Payment Info Buttons Regenerate Payment Info buttons have been added to both the Reports form and the Activities form for the convenience of the user.
11 Apr 2001 2.6 16 Gate Interface for Digitech gates SWAMP now provides an interface with Digitech gates. The function is setup using the Gate Access button on the Administration form. This Gate Access Setup form allows the user to specify which gate system is to be used (currently only DigiGate is supported), the name of the interface file and the name of the interface program. In addition, the user needs to specify the valid access code range. Various functions are available as well, these include Assigning access codes to all tenants currently missing access codes, generating the interface file and launching the interface program. The "+" button on the rental line on the Tenant form has also been enhanced to include additional gate information such as time and keypad zones. It also provides buttons for generating a unique access code for this rental and to update the interface file with this rental information.
25 Nov 2000 2.5 15 Fix Popup Messages on Two Reports When a user clicked on the Current Rentals or Balance Due button on the Reports form, two message boxes world popup. The caption read "Enter Parameter Value", the message read "Rentals All Query.Size1", followed by an input box and two buttons, OK and Cancel. The second message box was similar, the only difference being the message was "Rentals All Query.Size2". The user should just click the OK button on both of these message boxes and the reports will work correctly. With this update these message boxes no longer pop up.
10 Aug 2000 2.5 14 Improve Tenants Payment Sort When more that one payment was billed on the same date, the sort order was indeterminate. Now, the Date Due is taken into account in the sort.
10 Aug 2000 2.5 14 Unit Descriptions Although specifically designed for storage facilities, SWAMP can be used to manage any number of similar businesses. One area that made this somewhat awkward was the displaying of the unit dimensions when this information was not pertinent to the business being managed. Two new fields have been added to the Units form: "Description" and "Display". "Description" will accept up to a 20-character description of the unit. "Display" allows the user to determine what information the program should display about the unit, the dimensions or the description. Forms, reports, and invoices have been updated to display this information. In some cases, long descriptions may not be fully display.
26 Feb 2000 2.4 13 Receipt Footer Reformatted Longer business names and addresses did not fit on the footer of the Receipt of Payment report. This report was designed to print on a half sheet of paper. There are now two formats for the Receipt of Payment report: one half sheet and one full sheet. The program will select which format to use based on the user's choice of invoices. If the user chooses half-sheet invoices, then the program will also use half-sheet receipts. And likewise, if the user chooses full-sheet invoices, the program will use full-sheet receipts. The full-sheet receipt should provide enough space for even the longest names and addresses. The half-sheet receipt has been reformatted; the font size on the business name has been reduced and the address and phone have been broken into two lines.
26 Feb 2000 2.4 13 Check Numbers A field has been added to the payment record to allow the user to enter a check number or other payment identification. This field is named Num and can hold 10 characters. The field is available on the First Rents form, the Rents form (click Payments on the Tenant form) and the Select Billings form (click the Record Payments button on the Activities form). On this last form, the number of fields now exceed the width of the form. To see the Num field the user needs to use the horizontal scroll bar or the tab key. The Num field is not included on any report nor is it used in any way by the program. It is for user information only.
21 Feb 2000 2.4 13 Taxable Rent In some states, Rents are taxable. SWAMP now accommodates taxable rents. Two new fields have been added to the Custom Information form: a check box with the label "Rents are Subject to Sales Tax" and a numeric field labeled "Tax Rate". When "Rents are Subject to Sales Tax" is checked, SWAMP will generate another payment record with a category of Tax each time a Rental payment is generated. The amount of the tax is the rental amount multiplied by the Tax Rate and rounded to the nearest penny. A new category, Tax, has been added. The user must click the Regenerate Categories button on the Administration form for this change to take effect.
20 Dec 1999 2.3 12 Expand Date Fields on Rents Form The date fields on the Rents form have been expanded to display four-digit years. This form is launched by pressing the "1st" button in the rental area of the Tenants form.
8 Dec 1999 2.3 12 Add Rentals To Payment Validation If a tenant is improperly deleted, rental information can be left behind that point to a now nonexistent tenant. A new item has been added to the Payment Validation report that checks for Rentals Missing Tenants.
7 Oct 1999 2.3 11 Support for TMSA Lease A report titled "Exhibit A" can now be produced to be used in conjunction with the Texas Mini Storage Association (TMSA) lease. Default values for several fields may be set from the Custom form. The attachment is generated by pushing the TMSA button on the rental line on the Tenants form. You will have the opportunity to view and change any and all values before printing the attachment.
25 Sep 1999 2.3 11 Print Preview Billing Labels and Envelopes A Preview Envelopes button has been added to the Print Bills form and a print preview checkbox has been added to the Print Billing Labels form. These allow the user to preview before printing as well as the ability to change any desired print option, such as printer, paper source, paper size, etc.
25 Sep 1999 2.3 11 Options for Late Fees while Generating Rents The new options regarding Late Fee Generation have been extended to Rent Generation. A new form is presented to the user when generating rent. This form allows the user to choose which, if any, late fee generation method should be used while generating rents.
25 Sep 1999 2.3 11 Updated Custom Mail Merge Form The Custom Mail Merge form has been updated. When launching this form, the Payment Info is no longer automatically regenerated. This saves times in open the form. Instead the option to regenerate the Payment Info is now available when you chose to Export Data to a File. Also the tenant list can be limited to just current tenants or to past tenants or to both. The default is to show current tenants. This also quickens the load of this form.
13 Sep 1999 2.3 11 Late Tenants Report and Form A new button called Late Tenants has been added to the Reports form. Clicking this button will bring up a form showing all tenants that are late in making their payments. The tenants are sorted in descending order by the number of days they are late. The form also has button that allows the data to be viewed and printed as a report.
13 Sep 1999 2.3 11 Generate Late Payments Users now have more control over when and how late fees are generated. In previous versions of SWAMP, late fees were only generated when the next month's rent was generated and the tenant had an outstanding balance at the time the rent was generated. Now users of SWAMP can use the Late Payments button on the Activities form to generate late fees independently of rents. The user is able to specify a grace period before a balance due is considered late and thus subject to a late fee. The user also indicates the number of days between late assessments. The value for the default Grace Days needs to be entered on the Custom Information form.
11 Sep 1999 2.2 10 Add Rate to Current Tenants Report The rental rate has been added to the Current Tenants report.
11 Sep 1999 2.2 10 Returned Check is an Expense Previously, the category of "Returned Check" was listed as income. It has now been changed to an expense. After updating to this build level, the user needs to push the "Regenerate Categories" button on the Administration form.
24 Mar 1999 2.2 9 Warn About Invoice Preferences on Update The update message has been expanded to include a warning about Invoice Preferences when updating SWAMP. After updating, it is necessary to go to the Custom Information form and unselect and reselect your invoice options.
24-Mar-99 2.2 9 Release Notes Report The Release Notes can now be printed as a report.
24-Mar-99 2.2 9 Rate Dates New rates are now automatically updated for each tenant at the appropriate time. This is partially facilitated by a new field called Rate Date. This field is associated with each rental and it indicates the date through which the tenant's rate is guaranteed. While generating rents for a tenant, if the due date exceeds the rate date, then the program will check the current rate for that unit and if it is different than that for the tenant, the tenants rate will be changed. There are two times that the program will set the Rate Date for a tenant. First, when the tenant moves in, the Rate Date will be set to the move in date plus the number of months for which the rate is guaranteed. Second, when the rate is updated as described above during rent generation -- it will be set to the current due date plus the number of months for which the rate is guaranteed. You enter the number of months for which the rate is guaranteed in a new field called Guaranteed Time found on the Custom Information form. A new command button, called Update Rate Dates, has been added to the Administration form. Use this function to populate the new Rate Date field with data for your tenants.
24-Mar-99 2.2 9 Warn About Invoice Preferences on Update The update message has been expanded to include a warning about Invoice Preferences when updating SWAMP. After updating, it is necessary to go to the Custom Information form and unselect and reselect your invoice options.
10-Mar-99 2.2 9 Update Rates A facility to aid in updating rates has been added to the Unit Rates form. Clicking on the Update Rates button on this form will bring up the new Update Unit Rates form. This form presents three new fields for each unit group: New Rate, Effective Date and Update Tenants. Only those unit groups for which the user enters a non-zero new rate and a valid effective date will be updated. Also, if the user checks the Update Tenants box, then rates for existing tenants will be updated as well. New rates will go into effect for new tenants immediately and for existing tenants (provided Update Tenants was checked) on their next billing cycle.
04-Mar-99 2.2 8 Y2K Information This program is Y2K compliant. However, care must be taken when entering dates. When the user enters only 2 digits for the year, it will always be treated as though it were preceded by '19'. In other words, if you enter '00', it will be taken as '1900'; if you want '2000', you must enter '2000'. To help avoid mistakes, all forms that have dates have been updated to display four-digit years. Reports are unchanged.
20-Feb-99 2.2 8 Preview Before Printing Before, when using the Custom Mail Merge function, the Print Labels and Print Envelopes buttons caused the output to go directly to the printer. This did not allow the user to change the printer setup if necessary. Now, there is a check box entitled "Preview First". When this is checked a print preview window will be display before printing, allowing the user to customize the output as needed.
09-Jan-99 2.2 8 Fix 12 Month Discount in 1st Function Previously on the tenant form, when using the 1st button on the rental sub form and the period of the rental was 12 months, the program would automatically discount the amount due by one month without regard to the setting of the 'Yearly Payment Gets One Month Free' option on the Custom Information form. Now, the program will only give this discount when the option is set.
09-Jan-99 2.2 8 All Rents Start on the Same Day SWAMP now accommodates starting all rents on the same day of the month. To utilize these features, check the 'Start All Rentals on the Same Day' option on the Custom Information form. With this option selected, the 'Which Day' field will become active. The user enters the day of the month each rental should start. This value must be between 1 and 28. When new rentals are entered on the Tenant form and user clicks the 1st rent button, the program will calculate the prorated amount due for the rental period between the move in date and the specified start day. A new button has been added to the First Rent form that will generate the next payment for this rental. A summary line has also been added to this form which shows the total amount billed and paid as well as the last paid to date.
02-Jan-99 2.1 8 Total Line on Balance Reports The label 'Grand Total' at the end of the various Balance reports has been renamed 'Balance'. The amount associated with this label has also been moved to line up with the label.
02-Jan-99 2.1 7 Errors in Occupancy If an error occurred while updating or regenerating occupancy, the program would terminate with an error in MyUtilities. Now, the program detects the error and displays a meaningful message. This error is usually only encountered when the data has not yet been set up.
02-Jan-99 2.1 7 Refresh Title after Finding Tables After Finding Tables, the title on the home menu will be refreshed so as to show the current data.
02-Jan-99 2.1 7 Resize To Proper Size SWAMP now detects the screen resolution on the user's computer and sizes and centers itself accordingly.
31-Dec-98 2.1 7 Add Totals to Balance Due Report Count and balance due totals have been added to the end of the Balance Due Report
31-Dec-98 2.1 7 Available Unit Report Sort Order The Available Unit report was sorted first by availability date and then by size. However, the units within the date and size seemed to appear in random and different orders. An additional sort criteria has been added to cause the units to be sorted in unit number order within the date and size groups.
31-Dec-98 2.1 7 Errors While Generating Payments Error handling while generating payments has been improved. A series of messages will now appear that will help indicate what problems may be occurring. In addition, a new form, Payment Validation, is available on the Reports form. This form will help the user to detect where problems may be occurring in the payment generation. There should not be data in any fields of the sub forms (except for the late fees). If there are, then there are problems with the user's data that will need to be corrected before generating payments. In addition, errors encountered during payment generation are now no longer fatal. The program should not die.
31-Dec-98 2.1 7 Attaching Tables Procedure When the program is updated, after attaching tables (via the Find Tables button), the user should perform the following functions: Regenerate Occupancy, Regenerate Payment Info, and Regenerate Categories. These buttons are all found on the Administration form. This process is necessary because there is information stored locally that may not match the data that it was just attached to.
16-Oct-98 2.1 6 Prompt User When Application Changes After installing an update the SWAMP application, it will prompt the user as to what steps are to be taken to complete the installation.
16-Oct-98 2.1 6 Tenant Identification Field Added A new identification field has been added to the tenant form and report. This field can be used to record any identification information desired (such as social security number).
15-Oct-98 2.0 6 Long Names and Addresses Several fields on the billing and receipt reports have been expanded to handle long names and addresses.
01-Oct-98 2.0 5 Missing Payments in Balance Reports Balance reports could omit some payments. This would happen when the tenant, unit, amount and paid date were the same. In this case, only one payment would be included, the others were considered duplicates. This problem has been fixed.
19-Jul-98 2.0 4 Query Too Complex -- Part 2 A user running SWAMP under Windows 95 on a 486 with 16 MB memory is still experiencing "Query Too Complex" errors when attempting to print or preview bills. Another attempt is being made to avoid this error. The billing input data is now being put into two intermediary tables. In addition, a "Debug" checkbox has been added to the Activities form next the the Print Bills button. When checked, the Print Bills button will display a message box prior to building each intermediary table. This will help us determine where the error is occurring.
04-Jul-98 2.0 3 Invoices for Windowed Envelopes A new billing report format has been added to accommodate windowed envelopes designed to take 81/2 x 11 inch invoices. An option check box has been added to the Custom Information form found in the Administration function. This option only supports full sized, non-letter head invoices; therefore, when this option is selected, the other two options (half size and company logo) are disabled.
04-Jul-98 2.0 3 Company Phone Number Format on Bills The company phone number is now properly formatted on invoices.
04-Jul-98 2.0 3 Last Paid To Date Wrong On some reports and exported files, the Last Paid To Date mistakenly indicated the Paid To date of last rent generated rather than that of the last rent paid. This has been corrected.
04-Jul-98 2.0 3 Don't Close Print Bills Pop-up Box When printing bills, it is important that the Print Bills popup dialog box is open. If it is not, then the message area on the Invoice will print #Error. A warning message to keep this box open is now displayed.
04-Jul-98 2.0 3 Tenant Phone # on Invoice The new full-page invoice for window envelopes also has the tenant's phone number listed on it. This will be added to the other invoice formats in the future.
04-Jul-98 2.0 3 Query Too Complex errors There have been some reports of a "Query Too Complex" error occurring when trying to print or preview bills. This is due to 64K limit on query compiles and temporary queries created by reports in Microsoft Access. However, our experience has been that it is also somewhat resource dependent. Users that have reported this problem have been able to avoid it by ensuring that nothing else is running on the machine. Occasionally, it has required bringing either SWAMP down or Windows or both. In at least one case, none of these workarounds helped. With this build level, SWAMP now creates a local table containing the current billing records each time the Print Bills button is clicked. It is hoped that this will avoid the "Query Too Complex" condition.
04-Jul-98 2.0 3 Release Notes Form Added To better inform users of the changes that have been made to the program, a new form called Release Notes has been added to the Administration form. When the user clicks the Release Notes button on the Administration screen, this form comes up. In it, the user can read about changes associated with specific dates, version, updates and build levels.
04-Jul-98 2.0 3 Headline Added to Release Notes A headline field was added to the Release Notes form to provide a short description or topic. This is to make it easier to find specific changes without having to read the entire description.
04-Jul-98 2.0 3 No Bills To Print Message The Print Bills button on the Activities form now returns a message indicating that there are no bills to print when there are no bills to print, instead of bringing up the Print Bills form and then finding nothing to print or printing invoices with missing fields.
10-Feb-98 2.0 2 Release Notes Users can now view the changes associated with each version, update and build levels.
09-Feb-98 2.0 2 Use Amount Paid in Balance Balance reports now use Amount Paid value instead of Rate value for Payments.
09-Feb-98 2.0 2 Regenerate Categories A "Regenerate Categories" button has been added to the Administration form.